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    Industry is hard,Will not stop,Spell the life wisdom

    This is a piece of land bred the Chinese blood,This is a nourishing the river of Chinese civilization,Each leaf、Every sand grain,The evolution and witnessed several one thousand,Are committed to this land tenacious vitality and boundless creativity。 AD2000Years3Month,Rico new material co., LTD. Was established in shaanxi province,Is a certification by the shaanxi provincial science and technology commission of high-tech enterprises,It happened12A national patent,14Industry standard,And the shaanxi province issued by the department of environmental protection for approval“Waste business licenses”,The specialty is engaged in the r&d and production of precious metal catalyst and made again。Hard not to change his mind,2014Years1New three board on successful login,On a mission and responsibility。
          Industry is hard,Will not stop,Spell the life wisdom;The road is far,And don't stop,All high spirits! With the support of company research and development of the open system,More than 10 years of closely combining with the demand of the production line,Developed more than 30 kinds of precious metals load catalyst、More than 50 kinds of precious metals homogeneous catalyst,Especially for culture south class hydrogenation、Split class hydrogenation、Steroidal hormones hydrogenation、Pyridine hydrogenation、HECKReaction、The dehalogenation reaction has been developed, such as a variety of exclusive catalyst,Widely used in medicine and chemical industry、Petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical industry, etc,Pour into the infinite energy to the development of national industry and power。

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    Was established“Baoji medicine chemical co., LTD”,As China's early production of precious metal catalyst suppliers。
    Absorption“Rico baoji non-ferrous metal co., LTD”,Built in production of precious metal catalyst and provide professional services with the combination of hydrogenated enterprises。
    Joint-stock company,At the same time changed its name to“Shaanxi rico new material co., LTD”,The past!
    Shaanxi rico success of landing the new three board,On a mission,A long way to go。

    Rico products

    Catalytic accurately,Explosive

    Carbon palladium catalyst

    3(Triphenylphosphine)Rhodium chloride

    Rhodium acetic acid dimers

    Six palladium chloride acid potassium

    Double(Acetonitrile)Palladium chloride(II)

    Hydroxide palladium


    Four palladium chloride acid potassium

    Rico advantage

    Focus on the application、The quality of high purity

    • Brand flint
      15Years accumulation

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    • Execution is the flagship of industry
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    • Integration and hydrogenation catalyst
      The test and production base

    • Germany is beautiful precious metals
      Homogeneous catalysts in China
      Medical field partners

    Efficient environmental protectionPrecious metal catalysts,The quality of high purity

    Chemical reaction engine

    Precious metal catalytic precision manufacturing

    On a mission

    Shaanxi branch,Is almost accompany and witnessed the Chinese native medicine precious metal catalyst industry from scratch20Years,1000More effective customer choice,Shard。

    Take the initiative to open rico development of applied research and development is the same Lord,With rico synthetic experience feedback and continuous improvement in the selection of catalyst is shaanxi rico for domestic precious metal catalyst industry research and development of the unique and rich foresight of contribution。

    Here you are,R&d reaction kettle kept turning;Here you are,Companies invest a lot of scientific research funds every year;Here you are,Young and middle-aged experts worked day and night;Here you are,Always full of vigorous vitality! Customers have to do is tell us what you want to the catalytic effect,The remaining to rico!

    12A national patent

    14Industry standard

    More than 30 kindsPrecious metal load catalyst

    More than 50 kindsPrecious metals homogeneous catalyst

    Shaanxi branch----Worthy of trust

    Recycling commitment from rico

    1、Technical guarantee:Strictly implement recycling process to pursue higher metal recovery。

    2、Equipment guarantee:Advanced incineration system,To ensure that burning loss limit。

    3、Experience:15Years experience in large-scale recycling practices,His skill,Strive for perfection。
    4、Safe keeping:Exclusive warehouse,Collaborative safe-keeping,Metals do not mix of various customers,Free safe keeping。

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    The road is far,And don't stop,All high spirits

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